Word Connect For PC Windows Mac Free Download And Train your mind

Word connect is a classic game of word construction. In which you will have to form as many words as possible combining the letters. They will appear in new letters to challenge your language ability. And if you form long words, special tokens will appear that will help you. Start the building! Download and play Word connect for PC by using Android and iOS emulator.

Instructions to play word connect for PC

Chains the letters and forms as many words as possible before the time runs out. As you chain the letters together to form words, new letters will fall that will take their place.

Click on the tabs with the left mouse button to write the word in the correct sequence. The chips have to be touched to form a word. Only words between 3 and 10 cards are accepted.

Long words and chips with a high value will increase the score of your words. Use the bonus tiles for the valuable score multipliers.

The design of the board game was probably more modern than that of Word Connect. It seems taken out of the 80. Very low consumption of resources and memory makes it popular. You can learn new words whenever you are playing.

In Word Connect, whoever manages to form the longest words wins using the letters available on the board.

Final thought,

The dynamics of the game is simple. Slide your finger to join the pieces that have letters forming a word. The more letters, the more coins. The more words, the more coins. Of course, there will be as many answers as there is vocabulary. The limit you put, yes, we recognize that sometimes it is somewhat exasperating not to find more words than we have already put. Play and learn with this game.

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