Download and Install Xcode for Windows PC (The Best Way!)

Apple Xcode gives Mac users the ability to create applications for Mac OS, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Designed specifically for these devices, Xcode uses a layout and flow that differs from many other coding environments. By combining the code constructor with an integrated interface builder, Xcode provides all the tools needed to build applications.

XCode for PC contains a suite of tools for developing OS X and Ios software. This suite gives registered users the chance to work on program development in C, C ++. It is the programming of applications for all Apple devices. The purpose of this guide is to illustrate.

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How to use Xcode for windows

Open VirtualBox on your Windows PC (download it from the link below). Download and install Xcode. Open the program. Click “Create a new Xcode project” in the center-left of the welcome window. Then click “Application” under the “iOS” going to create an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad application.

Download VirtualBox 

Click the desired application type in the right pane and click “Next.” Enter the product name and click to choose a device type. Click “Next,” navigate to the desired path where you want to save the project and click “Create.”

The desired settings in the Summary window, then click the Files application under the name of the project in the left pane.

Write the application code in each appropriate file. Click the “MainWindow.xib” file and drag buttons and other elements of the Library window to the view. Press and hold “Control,” then click and drag the “File Owner” icon in the center panel to an object to be controlled by code is already written. Release “Control” and the mouse button. Click the appropriate method name. Repeat the process by dragging from the object to “View Controller” or “Window” to cause the object to fire this method.

Tick “Window” in the menu at the top of the screen and at “Organizer” menu and select “Provisioning Profiles” in the left pane. Now, click “Import” at the bottom of the window. Navigate to your Apple Provisioning profile, if you have one, and click “Open.” From File menu save your project.


Xcode is only available for Mac OS. If you want to use Xcode for PC, install virtual box on your computer. With the following steps, you can create the iOS app in your windows PC.

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