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XMEye For PC

XMeye for PC is an advanced cloud-based best system for controlling video for free. The software has released only for two operating systems. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android user can only use it on their devices. Without these platforms, there are no versions available for download. Due to the Android emulators, Windows users can use it on the PC. Also, supports for Mac PC by any App player.

The software is the best tool for digital video recording and IPC. This is the download page of XMeye for PC. Also, we will share the furious ways to download XMeye for Windows and Mac even!

XMEye For PC Download Latest Version

Unfortunately, XMEye is not enjoyable for the computers/desktop/laptops. But there are some awesome tips to install XMEye for a CUP machine. The first and furious way is to download an android software player for your computer. There is a lot of free app player available on the web for the PC. Download one of them and then install on Desktop.

XMEye For Windows

‘Windows’ the most popular computer OS. Widely used the software in all countries. Every regular user uses Windows on their computer machine.

So the XMEye lovers are now searching XMEye for Windows to download and install on their computers. But the bad news I have already described. The XMEye EXE version directly you can not use. Because It has not directly (.exe) version.

Maybe you have heard the name of Android emulator named BlueStacks. Download the BlueStacks first to install XMEye for Windows.

Then login to the official Android app store for download XMEye APK. Now set up the software on your Windows PC. It is usable on for Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP too!

XMEye For Mac

Are you a Mac user? And, need to use the software on your Mac? It is no need to describe once again about the supported OSs of XMEye. You have already know the matter.

So now you need Nox app player for Mac. If need the NOX, Please click here to download it now.

NOX is a high weighty software. So It can take some more minutes to install it on your computer. Should be patient to installing.

The search the XMEye on the PlayStore and click on the “Install” button to get it in a few seconds. Install XMEye for Mac and monitor places you need to analysis for 24×7 in a week!

What’s New in the New Version of XMEye

XMEye the tool of best features. Super for digital video recording (DVR). It is very popular the features below. If you need to edit your videos after recording. You can download KineMaster for PC and use the world’s best video editing tool for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.

  1. The best technology to live watching videos.
  2. Sometimes we need to playback videos remotely. This feature contains in the XMEye.
  3. The most wondering feature is it has pan–tilt–zoom camera controlling options.
  4. If need to record videos locally; It helps you as best.
  5. Heavy user-friendly due to its QR code-based serial numbers for scanning from the phone.
  6. Free for signup on the XMeye Server.
  7. There are two signup options. By user and By Device. Very nice system.
  8. For your security, captcha code is required for login or sign every time.
  9. When releasing a new version; It will automatically be updated by the internet connection.

Xmeye is an application for Android and IOS that allows you to view some security equipment such as IP cameras, DVR and NVR of various brands. Its configuration is easy, and beginner level users do it without making any mistakes.

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Connect a USB mouse to the DVR, right-click anywhere on the screen to open the context menu. Click on Main Menu; you may have to log in at this point. Go to System-> NetService. Here you can configure what network service you should enable. Double-click on Cloud, and then simply enable it. If your DVR / NVR is not yet accessible through the XMEye for PC, check your Internet connection and network settings.


Download XMEye for PC to tracking the by video recording and monitoring. The software is now used for all platforms. Download XMEye for Windows and Mac by reading the instructions above. SoftzForPC.com’s experts are waiting for resolving your problems with this software. Please start telling your problems and constructive criticisms now. We are ready to answer your questions about XMEye.

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