YouTube Kids For PC Newest Version Download

YouTube Kids For PC helps the child’s to improve his/her social knowledge. The optimal source of ultimate education and entertainment both at a time. The Google LLC make is more secure for children. In the official version of YouTube Kids software is enjoyable without costing a single penny.

The searching algorithm is customized highly for only kids. Best parameters are added for child safety and super watching controls by the parents. Every element is built for always keep safe your next generation. I have another idea- Get Arlo App For PC to tracking live your child to keep more safety

YouTube Kids For PC – Download For Windows and Mac

If you are now want to install YouTube Kids version on your PC. Maybe you have taken a right decision for best parenting. It is impossible to make a text picture about the usefulness of Kids version YouTube software. But I will try to describe you the bests of the application.

Firstly, I need to say you that it is another popular Android application. And, The Google does not give you the direct chance to install it on your PC like Desktop, Laptop, Windows or Mac.

Due to the lack of available PC version of this software; you need going with some tricky ways! But what are the ways? The main and best way to install YouTube Kids for PC on a desktop computer is “Emulator“. If you need XMeye for PC, please click here.

#1 Using BlueStackes Android Emulator

The best and the most popular Android application player on a computer is BlueStackes. This is not only a software; Also a virtual Android phone for PC. You can be getting almost all the features of an Android device by this Android Emulator.

Download BlueStacks first from the official website. Install it on the PC you need to install YouTube Kids version software.

Get Kids version from here. Also, available to download from the Play Store. The official software is the best always. So we have shared the official version. Please, regular update the application and emulator both. To be getting more safety for your child; It is very important to update to the newest version.

#2 YouTube Kids Software by NOX App Player

Nox the name of another furious smartphone application player. Supports for Windows and MacBook too. Due to weighty of the NOX, It is my second recommendation. It can give you full features of an Android OS on your computers.

Undoubtedly, we can say NOX is the best way to download YouTube Kids software for any PC. Make safe video watching on your PC by the NOX.


  1. Above both emulators are required Microsoft.NET framework. So before installing them on your PC; Please download the required tools first.
  2. Please choose one of them BlueStacks or NOX Only! Both software installing at a time is very dangerous for a computer. Because they will unbelievably slow down your computer.

You can edit videos on Android or on PC in the easiest way by the KineMaster.

The Info Table

Suggested EmulatorsTwo emulators are suggested. But you can use any app player.

  1. Bluestacks is Excellent
  2. & NOX is the best.
Suggested OSUse any PC OS like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. But two OS is excellent to install this application.

  1. Windows (versions- 7/8/10 & XP)
  2. MacBook and MacBook Pro.
Software ByThe Google LLC
Software VersionLatest
Listed inMultimedia/Video
Software File Size32 Megabytes.

Talking Finally,

Though this app is for Android, I have diverted you to the way to download YouTube Kids for PC in the easiest, furious and for free. However, maybe still I have forgotten some ideas or tips to increase this process easier. If you have any suggestions about writings like opinion or recommendation; You are welcome! Find out some more software for PC from the link.


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