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Zapya is a free document sharing software that works for Android, PC and OS X. it also helps to transfer large size of the video, photos, and file. For PC to PC sharing it requires the only Bluetooth. So, without a net connection, the users can send their important file via Zapya file-sharing software. Download it for free from this website. Now the Windows version is also available for Zapya for PC. Download the software from here to get the free edition. It will run faster you work by transferring within seconds.

How to Download Zapya on PC

The process of downloading the software is straightforward. Just like installing other apps. So, have a look at the points of Zapya for Pc to figure out:

Download Zapya on PC

  • First of all, download the software to your PC (Windows version). Make sure your PC has enough room. Click the link to get the software.
  • If you are a Mac user then click here to download Zapya Mac version.
  • Leave it for few minutes until it is done. It Depends on the network connection though. Then double click the software when it pops up on the home screen.
  • Follow the instruction shows on the application.
  • For file, sharing go to the home screen. Find the indicator of sharing file.
  • Now you are done with the process!

How the Zapya Application Works On PC

This app has many version to assist the user according to their demand. The Android version works via the internet. It is a pare sharing system that works one device to another nearest devices. But only for the Windows version, it doesn’t need to have net connect to share documents.

It requires only to Bluetooth activation. Then it shares anything to another computer without cable or wifi.

It is a quite simple matter that we share files, images, videos, docs etc. in our daily life. But it is hard to find ideal software for transferring files, images from one device to another. So Zapya for PC can be the ideal solution for this problem.

Why should you choose Zapya

There is so many other file-sharing software. But Zapya is better than others. It has some great features.

  • You can share huge files, images, and videos with Zapya.
  • It doesn’t require a cable connection or internet connection. You just need to connect Bluetooth.
  • Five members can share files with each other at a time. But they need to be connected with the same wireless network.

It is fast, free and supports all formats of the files, images, videos, docs, etc.


Zapya is the software of like other file-sharing software. But it is more comfortable to operate and effective. So, get the application now from our website Zapya for PC.


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